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FIX AUTO was founded in YEAR 2018, A One-Stop automotive workshop for car servicing, car accident assistance, air-conditioning servicing, car insurance matters and spray painting.

We provide services from interior car maintenance and servicing, gearbox repair, car aircon servicing, overhaul and computer diagnosis. To exterior car bodyworks spray painting & panel beating. Even car accessories like in-car camera and aftermarket parts (Brake kit, Coil over, LED headlights & Etc . After sales services including car inspection and insurance claim as well.

At Fix Auto, we have authorized dealer of in-car cameras, Engine oil, Brake kit, Coil over & Etc. These comprehensive product range is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever changing automotive market.

Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth as we are highly recommended by friends and business associates. We constantly upgrading our computer diagnostic equipment and tools, as well as our skills to provide the best for all our customers. Do feel free to contact us anytime, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle.


(EVERY 10000km or 6 MONTHS)
  • Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Change

  • Standard vehicle inspection


(EVERY 40 000km OR 2 YEARS)

  • Includes Oil Service items

  • Drain and top up Gearbox and Differential oils

  • Brake Fluid Change

  • Engine Air Filter Change

  • Cabin Air Filter Change

  • Front and Rear Brake Pads & Discs Change


(EVERY 80 000km OR 4 YEARS)

  • Includes Inspection I items

  • ATF Filter Change

  • Change of Spark plugs

  • Change of Serpentine belt and associated pullies

  • Change of Fuel Filter

  • Change of Engine Coolant

  • Change of Power Steering Fluid

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