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Car Diagnose/Repair/ Service

Automotive engine has many movable parts and as these parts move, they create force of friction and generates heat. Oil lubricates these parts and absorbs the heat allowing the internal moving parts to operate effectively without overheating.

Overtime the engine oil wears and become dirty as it lubricate these moving parts. When it does, it becomes less effective at lubricating and absorbing the heat and hence car owners are advise to change the engine oil at specific interval to prevent serious engine problems. 

The servicing interval will depends on the mileage driven and the type of engine oil used. 2 commonly types of engine oil use in our workshop are synthetic and mineral oil. Due the busy schedule of car owners, fully synthetic oil are commonly chosen as the servicing interval is 10000km. There are also commercial vehicles which chose mineral oil so as to send the car into workshop earlier and more frequent to prevent wear and tear of mechanical parts. The servicing interval for mineral engine oil is 5000km.   

We have a team of professional mechanics who are well trained to handle car makes such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen etc. Our team is also capable to diagnose and rectify should car owners have problems with their cars.

Car Servicing Package includes

  • Tyre tread, pressure and charging valve check

  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement

  • Engine oil seeps and leaks

  • Spark plugs and coils check

  • Air filter, aircon filter and other breather element (if available) check

  • Coolant, wiper tank reservoir and transmission fluid check and top up

  • Brake and power steering fluid check

  • Brakes and wheel bearings check

  • Exhaust and fan belt check

  • Steering system check

  • Absorber, absorber mounting, engine mounting check

  • Undercarriage checks for leaks and worn off parts

  • Lights, windscreen and wiper check

Car Diagnose/Repair/Service

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