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  • Eliminate up to 95% of engine and equipment wear

  • Reduce engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level

  • Eliminate build-up and keep engine completely clean

  • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions

  • Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars)

  • Contribute to much cleaner emission gases (95% chance of passing smog if you failed once)

  • Are very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture

  • Extend oil change intervals and oil filter life up to 4 to 7 times*

  • Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy

  • Generate the same outstanding results, when used in transmissions, power steering, differentials or any other equipment

  • Contribute to reduction of up to 60% of maintenance costs


POLYTRON Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) is the ULTIMATE LUBRICANT ENHANCER that coats all metal surfaces with POLARIZED micro-layer of oil molecules and through chemical-metallurgical process forms (from the original metal) a durable polished micro - layer of metal that dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature. Metal surfaces remain treated at all times which provides for immediate start-up lubrication. Friction and wear are substantially reduced which results in maximum equipment life, performance and fuel economy.

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