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Car Accident Claims

Step 1: NO Shifting, Take PHOTO:

Try not to shift all cars involved first, and take as many photos at the scene.
(Take photos of the other party’s damage with the vehicle number clearly seen)

Step 2: Exchange PARTICULAR

Exchange particulars with all drivers involved.
(Eg. NRIC, Driving Licence, Contact Details, Vehicle Number)

Step 3: CALL US, 6710 4077

1. Call us @6710 4077 (24hrs) to inform us. (We will arrange towing service if necessary.)
2. We will guide you along how to report to your insurance company.
3. If there is any injuries sustained or damages to public property, call the Police immediately.

Step 4: DOCUMENTS: Prepare the following documents for accident reporting:

1. Driver I/C (Photocopy of front and back)
2. Driver Driving Licence (Photocopy of front and back)
3. Insurance Certificate
4. Owner I/C (Photocopy of front and back)
5. MC (if any)
6. Medical Bills/Receipt (if any)
7. Police Report (if any)
8. Vehicle Log Card (if any)

Step 5: MEET US:

Visit us, we will analyze your case and guide you along the necessary procedures to file your accident report.

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Car Accident Claims

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