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Why Air-condition is not cold

If your car air-conditioning system blows hot air during hot days, is not because the air-con system is low on refrigerant. Though many car owners may think they need to recharge or top up the gas (refrigerant) annually or on a regular basis, that’s not the case. It might be a leak somewhere in the aircon system or there are parts which are faulty.

A regular air-con service will help ensure optimum driver and passenger comfort particularly on a hot day. The car air condition system do not blow cold air into a car cabin, rather the system removes the hot air within the cabin and dispel it to the atmosphere outside the car. In order to so, the system comprises of several components such as cooling coil, expansion valve, compressor, condenser, heater core, evaporater to operate effectively and efficiently. Like all mechanical parts, these parts are prone to wear over time and regular air-con service will help identify the wear earlier and prevent aircon system failure.

Do drive over to our workshop for checks and repair if you realise that your aircon system produces unsual noise or is not as cold as it suppose to be.

Common components which involve in our checks are                                       

  • Temperature check

  • Drive belts and pulley

  • Operation of Compressor and valve 

  • Leaks from hoses and components

  • Reclaiming, recycle or replacement of gas (refrigerant)

  • Aircon filter and reciever drier check or replacement

Car Aircon Service/Repair

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