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Car Entertainment

Car audio enthusiast will pay lots of attention on this section inside the car cabin. Car entertainment  are getting more sophisticated as technology improves. Car makers, electronics and software manufacturers work together to develop systems which are user friendly and safe to use within the car cabin.


Car entertainment system usually comprise of audio components such as car head unit, speakers, tweeters, woofer and amplifiers. Head unit gives the user control over the car entertainment media such as radio (AM/FM), CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, GPS navigation system, Bluetooth function setting etc. Speakers (mid pitch frequencies) which are usually located near the front door panels and rear door panels deliver the audio information to audience inside the cabin. Tweeters which are usually located at the dashboard or A pillar delivers the high pitch frequencies of audio which give contrast between woofer and speakers. Woofers on other hand deliver the low pitch frequencies known as bass. The commonly used are passive woofers power by an external amplifier and active woofer with a built in ampflier. Last but not the least is the amplifier which boost electric signal and enhance the over power of system. 


We have a wide range of Car entertainment system brands and system which cater to different interest of car audio enthusiast. You will be able to find more of the information under the products categories.

Car Entertainment

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